Kuhusu Program

Jifunze Kutoka kwa watu walio Bobea

Hatuachi kujifunza. Ndio maana walimu wetu ni Bora! Tuna adapt syllabus yetu kutokana na maendeleo ya lugha za coding, kuhakikisha tunawapa wanafunzi pamoja na mtu ambae hana ufahamu kabisa – training husika na iliyo ya kisasa, wakati tukiwa fundisha njia bora za ku tatua matatizo

Curriculum yetu

Our coding bootcamp is very intense and covers a wide range of coding topics. This can be intimidating if you’re a newbie coder, but remember: our full-stack bootcamp is also made for absolute beginners. To ensure everyone starts on a similar level, our students must complete all Prepwork before the first day of the course. The Prepwork takes between 30 and 40 hours and gives students a basic knowledge of:

  • Web 101 – how the web works
  • Terminal – basic commands
  • Git – basic commands
  • HTML / CSS – foundations
  • JavaScript – foundations
  • Startup mindset – tech workflow
Software needs to store information in a database. Without a database, Facebook would not have a way of storing users’ data. Learn to design a relational database and build structured queries to your database using SQL.

  • Database Schema Design & SQL
  • One-to-many, many-to-many relations and join tables
  • CRUD in SQL (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Advanced JOIN queries
  • Connecting your DB to ruby with an ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
  • Active Record Basics: migrations & naming convention
  • Active Record Advanced: associations & validation

Structure your code with different classes following Object-Oriented principles. As with architects designing a building, developers must learn to respect patterns when designing software.

  • Core concepts of Object-Oriented programming
  • Classes, objects and instance variables
  • Instance and class methods, Inheritance
  • Public vs. Private Interfaces
  • Routing user requests
  • Simulating a database with CSV files

Write algorithms manipulating variables, loops, conditions and data structures like Array and Hash. Parse and store data from standard files (CSV, JSON, XML, HTML).

  • Core concepts of programming
  • Ruby doc for built-in classes
  • Algorithms & data structures (Array, Hash)
  • Text pattern detection with Regular Expressions
  • Parse & store data in standard files (JSON,CSV, XML)
  • Web scraping with Nokogiri

Install professional developer tools to prepare you for the next 9 weeks

  • Command line basics
  • Create, update, delete files and folders from command line
  • Navigate in a file system
  • Install Ruby and a Version Management tool
  • Key developer packages
  • Version control with git
  • Commit a

Wrapping everything together with Node Js

Wrap it all together by coding your first Node Js applications. Deploy your applications in production & start coding “the Rails way”.

  • MVC in Node: Routing, Controllers, Params & Views
  • Models & CRUD in Js
  • Adding gems to your project
  • ERB: Layouts, Partials and Helpers
  • Nested Resources and Namespaces
  • Refactoring an app with Services

ES6, the latest JavaScript version

Learn ES6 – your second programming language after ruby – to add dynamic behaviour to your website, or update pages without reloading thanks to AJAX.

  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • ES6 and differences with ES5
  • JavaScript Tooling (Babel, Webpack, yarn)
  • DOM Events & AJAX

Building web interfaces

Elaborate your UI with atomic design and code beautiful components & layouts by applying the latest CSS techniques.

  • Product Design, UX & UI principles
  • HTML (tags, id, classes, attributes)
  • CSS (selectors, properties, stylesheet organization)
  • Atomic design principles
  • Web-design tips for components & layouts
  • CSS techniques with flexbox & CSS grid
  • CSS media queries for Adaptive Design
  • Bootstrap basics & Responsive Grid System

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